Top 3 reasons people don’t seek treatment for hearing loss

“Hearing aids make me look old. They too expensive. I can’t afford one, let alone two devices. Anyway, hearing aids don’t work.”

Hearing aids can be affordable and many new models are so discreet that people won’t notice you’re wearing them, thereby keeping you from looking old. Aids take a lot of work to adjust to – often several audiologist visits in the first few months. Untreated hearing loss has been shown to correlate highly with isolation, depression and dementia, and you’ll find that your quality of life improves once you seek hearing loss treatment. Your hearing loss may be due to ear wax buildup or another issue.

“I hear just fine.”

Some people with hearing loss either don’t realize they have it or are in denial. For some, it is a mix of both. Other times, when people say “I hear just fine,” “I hear most things” or “I hear what I want to,” they are in a state of denial. Having hearing loss often causes grieving and denial is just one step in the grieving process. They aren’t yet ready to “admit” to themselves that they need treatment for their hearing loss. This may also involve projecting the problem, such as by accusing others of talking too softly or mumbling. Sometimes, people think that their hearing loss “isn’t that bad” or isn’t severe enough to warrant treatment. Sometimes people don’t realize what they’re missing out on, like their grandchildren’s squeals or birds chirping. However, it’s always best to seek hearing loss treatment sooner rather than later.

“What does it matter, anyway?”

Folks often don’t realize that untreated hearing loss negatively impacts their relationships and overall quality of life. Others might do so in a melancholic fashion, indicating that they lack motivation and are depressed. Depression can result from being isolated from others due to hearing loss, or from a general state of aging and noticing that things have changed.