Board of Directors

HLAA-LCO is Temporarily Being Run by a Steering Committee

Because of the retirement of some Board members it is not possible to carry on some of the functions of HLAA-LCO that you are used to.

HLAA Lane County has not disappeared; the organization is now guided by a steering committee rather than by a Board. The Steering Committee guides the Lane County Chapter until a full Board can be constituted, at which time the Steering Committee will become a planning committee of the Board. Other changes include:

  • use of postcards to communicate with the membership instead of producing a newsletter;
  • quarterly meetings held the second Thursday of the month of March, June, September, and December at the Hilyard Center (2580 Hilyard St, Eugene, OR 97405) and
  • listing programs in the HLAA-OR newsletter.

We will depend more on email and on this website ( to communicate with the membership so if your email address needs updating, please let me know. In addition, if you have questions about the Committee, please let Clark Anderson ([email protected]) know.

The Steering Committee

Those who have volunteered for the Steering Committee so far are:

Clark Anderson
Andrea Cabral
Arnie Goodman
April Moran
(You need not be a member of HLAA-LCO to volunteer for the Steering Committee)

There are also those Associates who, while not on the Committee, make many important contributions:

Susan Denning, Welcoming packet and postcard creation
Karen Swezey, Consultant

General Duties and Responsibilities of Committee Members: Members are responsible for development and implementation of policy; strategic planning and implementation of Chapter objectives; development of an annual budget for approval by the general membership; as well as advocacy and education activities. Of these duties and responsibilities, priorities will be set from time to time based on perceived needs of hard of hearing persons and available skills and available time.

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