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jointodayBenefits of Membership

Chapter membership is open to any person willing to conform to the purposes of the organization and functions at both the local and national levels.  By becoming a Member, a person:

  • Supports the Chapter’s education, advocacy and support activities.
  • Is issued a name tag for the local meetings to facilitate getting to know other members.
  • Receives the Chapter newsletter “Sound News”.
  • Is eligible to attend and participate, without a vote, in meetings of the Board of Directors. Is eligible to serve on the Board of Directors and be eligible to hold any Board office. Has voting privileges for annual budget approval and the election of Board members.
  • May serve on committees.
  • Can make and/or amend motions and vote on them at Chapter meetings.
  • Is eligible serve as a Chapter representative at local, State and national events.
  • Donations to either the national organization or our local chapter are always welcome and are tax deductible. Donations are made to the general fund unless designated for a special purpose.

Annual Membership Fees

$10 regular
$70 professional

Optional National Membership Fees

  • $35 regular or $45 for a family. Includes the award-winning magazine “Hearing Life,” published by the Hearing Loss Association of America.
  • $60 Hearing Professional (ENT, Audiologist, Hearing Specialist)
  • Supports education, advocacy, and legislation on a national scale that currently deals with the cost of hearing aids and insurance coverage among other issues.

Two Ways to Join Our Chapter or Renew Your Membership

Option 1. Download the paper form and mail a check. Please download this membership form and print it out. Then make your check out to HLA-LCO. The completed form and check can be mailed to: PO Box 22501 Eugene, OR 97402.

Option 2. Fill out the electronic form and use your PayPal account. Fill out the form below and click the “send” button. Then, choose the level of membership that you would like from the options at the bottom of the page and click the “Add to Cart” button.

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