How to Make Your Own Hospital Kit


Documents You Can Download

The following documents are available to make your own kits. You can chose  what  you feel is appropriate for your situation.

1 – Kit Contents and Instruction Sheet: Contents and instruction sheet

2 – Patient Brochure: Tips to help if you have trouble hearing.  Our tri-fold, double-sided brochure.

3 – Medical ID Settings: The first page is for your personal settings, the 2nd page is  tips to help in medical settings. Printed back to back they will match and make 6 per page

4 – Doctor/Dentist Tips: These are brief articles on what your doctor and dentist can do to improve you care.

5 – “Face Me” Badge: There are 8 badges on each sheet. Using regular paper, it is easier to print the pages separately (not double-sided). Cut out along outside edges. They are designed to fit in a vertical badge holder (insert size 2.5 x 3.5) available at office supply stores.  A different style can be used on each side of the badge. They can be fastened to your pillow or gown with an I.D. strap clip or a large safety pin. These are also very helpful when traveling.

6 – International Symbol Sign: Print out on bright yellow paper. Fill in the two blank lines with your personal needs; such as “write out instructions” or “I need my glasses and hearing aids.”  Hang in an obvious place on your IV pole. Some people have suggested placing 2 copies back to back so they can be seen from both sides.

7 – HOH Label in Black | HOH Label in Blue: International Hearing Loss labels. These fit on standard Avery address labels #8160 with 30 per sheet. 1-inch blue stickers are available from Chapters often buy a large roll and sell smaller quantities to individuals. You can also print the pdf in blue and cut off the logo, but this will not give you the glossy quality of the web site stickers.

8 – HA-CI info cards: Hearing aid/cochlear implant information card. There are 2 per sheet. Print on green paper for visibility. Fill out the information so someone else can put your devices on you if you are not able to.

9 – Tips Sign: 8 ½” sign of tips to help with communication. Print on pink paper.

10 – Tips Cards: There are 6 tip cards per page. Print on pink paper and cut apart. Hand out as a friendly reminder to those that you need to communicate with.

Other useful items:

• A denture box and a quart size ziplock bag with a pin to contain hearing aids when not being worn. Hospitals can usually provide these.
• Pencil and note pad
• A small flash light
• Extra hearing aid batteries
• Your personal communication equipment; PockeTalker, FM system – well marked with your name.
• A large ziplock bag or file box to place all of your kit items in.