We have no paid staff; we depend entirely on each other and on others, whether hard of hearing or not, to fulfill our mission of providing information, education, advocacy, and support. So if you would like to become actively involved with HLA-LCO please contact us. We need you and we’d love to hear about your interest in helping in one of the following ways or by doing something else you feel is necessary and would like to do.

The following activities are by no means a complete list. The list could be expanded or modified according to your interests and passions.

Meetings and programs. Help plan general membership meetings. Maybe a topic will be something you would like to know more about or a topic you heard about that seemed to be of general interest to people who are hard of hearing. We are always in search of new ideas for presentations.

Assist in setting up and taking down the meeting room. This includes setting up a projector and screen, chairs and tables, or setting-up and testing ALD’s. It isn’t glamorous but it is essential!

Be part of the welcoming team. Help newcomers and others get a sense of who we are, what we do and what resources we have available to meet their needs. Often people come to the meetings for the first time and feel anxious so helping them feel at ease is an important job.

Join the hospitality crew by organizing coffee and snacks at the general meetings; it’s part of what helps people to feel comfortable and like coming back.

Technical assistance. Maintain and expand our e-mail database.

Help raise funds. So much of what we do requires funds beyond membership dues. Have ideas for fundraising? We’d love to hear about them and have help with implementing them!

Sponsorships. Our annual dues of $10 don’t cover all the expenses involved in communicating with our membership and interested parties–we need additional funds to operate. Ideas for new sponsors and their solicitation is vital information for HLA-LCO to maintain and expand our outreach functions.

Publicity. In order to remain vital and to fulfill our mission we need people to be aware of, and participate in, our activities. People who can help to get the word out about our organization, our accomplishments and activities are most welcome.

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