News from the National Convention

What We Are Hearing…News from HLA-Lane Co, OR, attendees at the National Convention in June 2013

There were so many classes and events available.  I enjoyed, just as much the classes, the networking and sharing of info that went on in the informal venues of the convention… in the hallways, before and after classes and workshops, and in connection with other social events.  There was a very diverse range of vendors and information available.  Specifically, I felt further educated as an individual.  I heard information about the option and benefits of having a second cochlear implant.   So, for me, attendance at the convention, and the new information I heard, had personal meaning to me as well being beneficial due to my position on the Board of HLA-LCo, OR. 
– Clark Anderson, Treasurer, HLA-LCo, OR

Even though the sheer number of people, available events, and resources was overwhelming, everyone was willing to share information and answers in every class and workshop. Meeting other individuals from other areas was a great experience.  I would definitely attend another National Convention. Well worth the trip!
– Charles Langdon, Vice-President, HLA-LCo, OR 

I got so much out of this experience.  There were so many speakers and workshops to choose from, it was hard to choose which events to attend.  I wanted to attend them all.  This was my first time at the National Convention, so as a “newbie” it was somewhat overwhelming for me.  But so worth the trip!  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and having so many wonderful classes to attend.  I learned a lot about advocacy for our membership.  It made me realize there is so much more to learn.
– Donna Veal, Board Member, Programs, HLA-LCo, OR

One of the highlights was meeting the National leadership. To put names with faces, and to get a sense of what the HLA leadership truly wants for us as members, was a great experience.   At times the level of activity was overwhelming.  The available resources and information was very interesting.  There were a broad variety of vendors, and the new technology was amazing.  It was a great experience for me.  I felt inspired and motivated as a result of attending.  I learned a lot about the way other chapters are directed, and there were some good ideas about outreach, newsletters and websites.  There are so many resources out there for us, which may help us grow into a larger and more vibrant chapter.
 – Shirley Perry, President, HLA-LCo, OR