Board of Directors

Voting Board

Vacant, President
Donna Veal, Vice President and Program Coordinator
Clark Anderson, Publicity
Tim Bergquist, Secretary
Arnie Goodman, Welcoming
Lesley Bergquist, ALDs Demo Project Coordinator
Andrea Cabral, Past President


Lesley & Tim Bergquist, Newsletter Editor, Typesetting & Design
Pat Reilly, Newsletter Distribution
Karin Smith, E-Mail Coordinator
Karen Swezey, Database Administrator

General Duties and Responsibilities of Directors: Directors are responsible for development and implementation of policy; strategic planning and implementation of Chapter objectives; development of an annual budget for approval by the general membership; approval of information, advocacy and education activities; approval of committee activities and, with the approval of the President a Director can represent the Chapter to the public or other organizations.

President: Prepares agenda for each Board meeting and General Membership Meetings. Facilitates Board meetings, appoints chairpersons of all committees and is an ex-officio of all committees. Checks with committee chairs to see that projects and activities are running smoothly. Sees that all Chapter directives and resolutions are put into effect. Writes a message for monthly publication in the newsletter. Stimulates interest in new programs and projects. Maintains contact with National headquarters, including completing annual report of activities and officers. Handles inquiries from the public regarding HLA-LCO.  Acts as spokesperson for our local HLA-LCO Chapter with the guidance of the Board and the Chapter membership.

Vice-President: Assists the President with all duties.  Keeps in touch with all Chapter activities and fills in when the President is not present.

Immediate Past President: Trains and facilitates transition of new President and Vice President.  Acts as resource for Board, members and general public regarding resources and other areas as requested.

Treasurer:  Keeps full record of all receipts and disbursements. Issues checks for reimbursement of expenses, completes various government reports related to our Chapter and tax status. Makes reports of Chapter financial condition at Board meetings and, at the December Board meeting, a draft budget for the next year for Board approval.  Presents a summary of Chapter financial performance and the Board-approved budget at the January regular Member meeting (general meetings) for Member approval. Checks post office box and distributes contents when needed.

Secretary: Takes minutes of all Board meetings and distributes copies to all Board members within 2 weeks of the meeting. Maintains Chapter activity files that include minutes, calendars and financial reports.

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